Gospel-Centered Songs

Gospel-Centered Liturgies

Gospel-Centered Liturgies

Committed to Worship that puts Christ at the Center and places and emphasizes the Gospel Message.

Gospel-Centered Liturgies

Gospel-Centered Liturgies

Gospel-Centered Liturgies

Presenting Scripture-guided liturgies that proclaim the message of the Gospel through corporate worship. 


The Gospel of the Glory of Christ

A Modern Hymn that affirms the Gospel story of our Triune God, tracing God's light through Jesus Christ and to his followers to spread to all the world.


Verse 1
Everlasting Father, ever burning flame,
Perfect in His wisdom, righteous in His ways;
Life and light eternal, flowing from His throne;
Ancient of the ages, unseen, Holy One.

Verse 2
Son of God, eternal, clothed in flesh and blood,
Emptied all His glory and chose the cross instead;
Sinners now made holy, by the grace of God,
He, our Savior only, Light of all the world.

Oh Father, God, Everlasting Light,
Fill us with Your pow’r and might;
In our brokenness let Your love shine bright,
For the Gospel of-- the glory of Christ.

Verse 3
Risen Christ, ascended, to the throne of God,
Spirit now descending filling us with pow’r;
Setting hearts on fire to pierce the darkest night,
Proclaim​ing all God’s glory is in the face of Christ.

We are yours
We are yours
Let Your glory rise
We are yours
We are yours
Let Your glory rise
We are yours
We are yours
Let Your glory rise
For the gospel of the glory of Christ

Words and Music by Dave Hill, Cody Norris, Stephen Folden 

©2019 Free2Worship

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